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Watch films produced by a number of AFC's student filmmakers.

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Jordanian Film Directory

Meet some of the AFC student filmmakers, read their basic bio and filmography.

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afc education

The AFC offers workshops year-round. For a listing of these workshops and their outlines visit the education section.

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Views and opinions shared by industry experts. Periodically, we interview filmmakers or experts in the field for their insight into the world of filmmaking.

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`afc updates

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afc misc.


filmmaking tips

Learn some of the solutions to challenges encountered often by AFC filmmakers. These problems could be technical, legal, artistic
and so on.

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about afc

A brief overview of the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC), its mission, objectives, and accomplishments.

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This is Jordan's second short film festival. The mission is to provide an independent platform for Jordanian, Arab, and international filmmakers to showcase their films with the least amount of censorship and controls (while trying to stay out of trouble with the authorities)

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